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Married... with Children

Married... with Children was originally on Fox from April 5, 1987 to June 9, 1997, they were 259 episodes. And it was revived to 4Kids channel, and they were re-runs on TBS and TV Land.

Original cast[]

  • Ed O'Neill: Al Bundy
  • Katey Sagal: Peggy Bundy
  • David Garrison: Steve Rhoades
  • Amanda Bearse: Marcy D'Arcy
  • Christina Applegate: Kelly Bundy
  • David Faustino: Bud Bundy
  • Ted McGinley: Jefferson D'Arcy

Japanese cast[]

  • Jyoji Shibue: Ryoichi Nishikawa (Based on Al)
  • Miyuu Sawai: Mitsuko Nishikawa (Based on Peggy)
  • Masahiko Kondo: Keitaro Matsumura (Based on Steve)
  • Chisaki Hama: Minako Tsukahara (Based on Marcy)
  • Erika Sawajiri: Naomi Nishikawa (Based on Kelly)
  • Tatsuya Fujiwara: Naoki Nishikawa (Based on Bud)
  • Kane Kosugi: Mamoru Tsukahara (Based on Jefferson)

New cast[]

  • Thorn Thompson: Al Bundy
  • Breanna Thompson: Peggy Bundy
  • Sharon Stamper: Kelly Bundy
  • Zach Conley: Bud Bundy
  • Brady Kelly: Jefferson D'Arcy
  • Laken Grierson: Marcy D'Arcy


Al Bundy[]

Al Bundy complains a lot to his wife Peggy. He is played by Ed O'Neill on the original version, Jyoji Shibue as Ryoichi Nishikawa in the Japanese version, and Thorn Thompson on the 4Kids version.

Peggy Bundy[]

Peggy Bundy complains a lot ot her husband Al. She came from Wanker County, Wisconsin, it's a suburb of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She is played by Katey Sagal on the original version, Miyuu Sawai as Mitsuko Nishikawa in the Japanese version, and Breanna Thompson on the 4Kids version.

Kelly Bundy[]

Kelly Bundy is Bud's older sister. She is played by Christina Applegate on the original version, Erika Sawajiri as Naomi Nishikawa in the Japanese version, and Sharon Stamper on the 4Kids version.

Bud Bundy[]

Bud Bundy id Kelly's younger brother. He is played by David Faustino on the original version, Tatsuya Fujiwara as Naoki Nishikawa in the Japanese version, and Zach Conley on the 4Kids version.

Jefferson D'Arcy[]

Jefferson D'Arcy is Marcy's new husband. She is taken from Steve in 1991. He is played by Ted McGinley on the original version, Kane Kosugi as Mamoru Tsukahara in the Japanese version, and Brady Kelly on the 4Kids version.

Marcy D'Arcy[]

Marcy D'Arcy has been taken by Jefferson from Steve. She is formerly married to Steve Rhoades from 1987-1991 as Marcy Rhoades. She is Al's nemesis and Peggy's friend on the original version, until she is no longer Al's nemesis and she is still friends with Peggy on the 4Kids version. She is played by Amanda Bearse on the original version, Chisaki Hama as Minako Tsukahara in the Japanese version, and Laken Grierson on the 4Kids version.

Steve Rhoades[]

Steve Rhoades is a banker at Chicago, Illinois. He is formerly married to Marcy from 1987-1990 until he's gone. He is played by David Garrison on the original version, Masahiko Kondo as Keitaro Matsumura in the Japanese version, and he does not appear in the 4Kids version.